Financial Assistance Info

Our commitment to uninsured and lower income patients.
Regional Medical Center is committed to serving the health care needs of our community. We realize that health care can be very expensive. To help you, RMC has discounts hospital bills for patients with no insurance and low incomes.

Effective March 1, 2006, patients without health insurance receive a discount on their hospital bill from RMC. We offer discounts and financial assistance to those patients with incomes below 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. These discounts range from 15% to 100% of the total bill. The actual amount of the discount depends on:

·                Family income

·                Number of eligible dependents. (number of dependents you are allowed to claim on you Federal Income Tax return)

If you feel you may qualify for financial assistance, please contact a Financial Counselor at (256) 235-5643.

Information that you will need to provide when applying for financial assistance can be found by using this link: Financial assistance documentation

 We will be glad to assist you with the financial assistance application process or work with you to establish payment arrangements for any remaining balances you may have after discounts have been applied to your account.