Social Services

The Department of Social Services at RMC is an integral member of our health care team. Our social workers work with physicians, nurses and other members of the health care team to help with the psychosocial aspects of disease process, as well as providing professional discharge planning assistance for our patients and their families.

Some examples of the assistance our social workers provide include:

  • Helping with the emotional stress and readjustment that frequently accompany disease
  • Locating available resources for patients
  • Assisting the patient and family members locating resources for particular needs
  • Coordinating after care arrangements for patients with the patient, family members and resources
  • Helping the patient and family to locate resources to assist with the cost of medications

Patients can be referred to the Social Services Department by asking the physician, nurse, family member or friend to contact our office. There is no cost associated with the utilization of services through our Social Services Department.