Cancer Registry

The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 1.3 million cases of cancer will be diagnosed this year. And like most diseases, cancer is one whose cure will likely be found through research.

Begun in 1988, RMC’s Cancer Registry offers both research and hope to area patients. The main purpose of the registry is to gather patient data, which is an important tool in cancer control. Benefits of such data gathering include:

  • Evaluates the extent of cancer in the community
  • Identifies high-risk groups to provide education and prevention information
  • Enables the medical community to identify cancer trends
  • Helps physicians and cancer teams to provide more effective patient care
  • Provides timely, accurate information for application and research


Sylvia Ramsey
Silvia Ramsey,
RMC Cancer Registry Coordinator

Each patient’s data is regularly reviewed by the hospital’s multidisciplinary board-certified team of doctors, nurses, clinicians and technical personnel to evaluate the patients’ progress, treatments and options. Each patient’s data also is compared to other patients with the same type of cancer from the community. Using actual patient data helps provide the most realistic and effective treatment plans for each patient.

RMC’s team of highly trained staff also works together to gather information for overall cancer research. RMC’s registry has a wealth of information within its databases. Via the Alabama State Cancer Registry, the American Cancer Society is able to use that data collected by RMC and other registries across the country to further its research.

By maintaining a Cancer Registry, RMC is helping in the cause to find a cure.

For more information, please call Silvia Ramsey, RMC Cancer Registry Coordinator at (256) 235-5877.