RMC houses the most powerful and accurate screening diagnostic imaging technology available in this part of Alabama with its Position Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography or PET/CT Scanner. PET scanning is an extremely powerful technology. Common uses include tumor assessment for early detection and to determine the location, aggressiveness, type and recurrence. Scanning also benefits cardiac and pulmonary patients as well. Having the CT scan done at the same time as the PET scan without moving the patient off the scanning bed provides the most accurate means to diagnose and localize these diseases. Because of its precise technology, doctors are able to choose the most effective treatment for patients.

16-Slice CT
The 16-Slice CT is the latest in CT technology that allows patients to have shorter exam times and improved image quality. The equipment gives much more detailed and vivid scans of the body by producing three-dimensional images.

Nuclear Medicine
The branch of medicine concerned with the diagnostic, therapeutic, and investigative use of radionuclides.

Use of the ultrasound to produce an image or photograph of an organ or tissue, echoes are recorded as they strike tissues of different densities

Diagnostic X-rays
High energy electromagnetic wave acting as a photograph and used in diagnosis and treatment of injury and disease

1.5 TESLA Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Uses a very strong magnet to create an image of the tissues, systems and bones of the body and used in diagnosis and treatment of injury and disease

Vascular and Interventional Services
Diagnostics used in the treatment and intervention of diseases of the vascular and other systems

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